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Approximate pricing and floorplates have just been released, and unit requests are now open to our VIP registrants. 
See below how to request your preferred units!

Tour Des Candiens Phase 1 and 2 where the fastest selling condominium developments in Montreal’s history. With such a small supply of new units and such a large demand, we are likely to sell out extremely quick. Very rarely do we get new condo launches in this area, and due to the demand this will be one of the city’s best investments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you request I submit a copy of my drivers licence when selecting my preferences?
Including a copy of your drivers licence is considered as a mandatory piece of ID by the developer when we request a unit directly from them, especially if you are very serious about purchasing at Lakeside Condos. The developers request this from us as they need to verify that a person is indeed requesting the unit and to hold a unit on your behalf if need be.